BGL Snowmobile Club
241 West Leyden Rd
Leyden, MA 01337

Storm Update

Upcoming Snow Storm is an Opportunity for Long-term trails

Looks like this storm will give us some snow to setup our trails for a while... IF WE DONT WASTE IT!

It's a simple formula...

  • If you don't know EXACTLY where you're going, wait for someone that does.
  • If you can see a house and/or its lights... SLOW DOWN They can also see and HEAR you!
  • If you see a trail that doesn't have club signage saying that is the way to go... DON'T JOY RIDE! Especially in fields.
  • When you go out, bring a saw, there are trees and branches in the trails. Or if you don't have a saw at least stop and try to move them out of the trail.
  • While you ride on unpacked trails - ride wide - Don't single track!
  • Watch out for - READ - and obey ALL signage.

and always... Keep the Rubber Side Down!

IF WE ALL DO THIS... IT EXTENDS OUR SEASON... KEEPS OUR LANDOWNERS HAPPY our TRAILS WILL STAY OPEN and OUR GROOMERS GROOMING and not dealing with issues caused by a few careless actions.