11/15/2015 - BGL Snowmobile swapmeet  
Imagine, you wake up and look out the window, the forecast was right, a foot of snow fell last night...finally! You grab your gear, the sled is already in the trailer, you fire up the truck and put it into drive, its time to go. You get to the trail and meet with the others who share the same enthusiasm about riding as you do. This day couldn't be any better. You do a brief check of supplies, you're gonna need em... because today you'll ride until the sun goes down.



Swapmeet scheduled for Nov 15th!


 see our fascebook page at Bernardston Gill Leyden snowmobile club for details or email me at nvrplay2ty@yahoo.com




*NOTE* trail changes will be posted in our trail updates and on our facebook page Bernardston Gill Leyden snowmobile club

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Think Snow! Check out the NOAA Snow Depth Chart

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